With American Careers educational programs, you can provide an innovative, creative learning experience that motivates students to develop academically and to make good decisions about their future.

Our integrated, standards-based programs help students understand that what they learn in language arts, math, science, technology and other core subjects truly is an essential requirement for working in today’s world.
That’s why teachers and school counselors have used
our programs to supplement the curriculum for more than
20 years.

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Digital Format

  1. ?/span>Classroom programs

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New High School Edition!

American Careers

  1. ?/span>Encourages students to stay in school
    and plan for the future

  1. ?/span>Promotes cluster, pathway, CTE and
    postsecondary enrollment

New STEM Program!

STEM It Up! features interdisciplinary student projects ?58 in all ?that promote interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics