American Careers

Middle School Planner

Includes an online Teaching Guide with standards-based lessons

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The American Careers Middle School Planner is an engaging, comprehensive career exploration program that helps motivate students to stay in school, achieve curriculum objectives and plan for future success in a global environment.

With the program’s helpful Teaching Guide, school counselors and teachers can use the student publication as a self-paced educational and career planning guide. Or they can use the six student projects to integrate career information with academic curricula.

Program features include:

  1. A self-administered “Career Cluster Buster Quiz” that links personal interests with jobs in 16 career clusters

  2. Education and income data for occupations in each career cluster

  3. Hands-on assignments and activities that ask students to apply research and academic skills to solve problems

  4. A high school and two-year postsecondary planner where students can list graduation requirements and electives that support career interests

  5. Innovative learning strategies that encourage contemporary, real-world literacy

Standards, Guidelines and Skills

  1. Common Core English Language Arts Standards for grades 6-8

  2. English language arts, mathematics, social studies and science standards

  3. ASCA National Standards

  4. Career Development Guidelines

  5. 21st Century Life and Career Skills

  6. Career Cluster Essential Knowledge and Skill Statements

Promotes high school and postsecondary planning

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