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Top-paying jobs require STEM knowledge and skills. Yet many students just don’t seem to get the message. Now there’s a way you can create interest in STEM.


Career-related interdisciplinary student projects – online!

With STEM It Up!, your students have access to 58 student projects that can:

  1. Increase interest in science, technology, engineering
    and mathematics

  2. Provide students with authentic problems to solve

  3. Develop critical-thinking skills

  4. Link STEM knowledge with workplace and life challenges

STEM It Up! projects are organized by real-world topics:

  1. Engineering

  2. The Environment

  3. Health

  4. Innovation

  1. Manufacturing

  1. Business

  2. Communications

  3. Consumer Issues

  4. Cybersecurity

With STEM It Up!, we bring workplace issues into the high school classroom using current challenges to learn and practice academic knowledge and skills. Projects are integrated and supported by business, English language arts, health science, mathematics, science and social studies standards.

Created by teachers, STEM It Up! can support the curriculum in several ways:

  1. An introductory unit to STEM-related classes or programs of study

  2. A supplement to traditional academic and career-technical education curricula

  3. Part of online learning experiences or enrichment programs

  4. A community-based program

  5. A resource for virtual schools

  6. A workforce development program

STEM It Up! is a multidisciplinary, experiential approach to learning through exploration, discovery and problem solving. What a great way to encourage students to learn about science, technology, engineering and mathematics!


58 online student projects – 285 pages in all! Teacher Notes included.

Delivered online.

$9.95 per student
minimum order 25

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